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Boyfriend cum on her pantyhose (10 January 2015)
In doggy style and with her face covered into a pantyhose mask, Diana is getting fucked by her boyfriend. She is hoping that he will ejaculate on her pantyhose. Her boyfriend was so excited that he cum so hard and good! (SL7)

Diana totally encased waiting for him (10 January 2015)
Diana, totally encased is waiting her boyfriend in the bedroom. Because her boyfriend excitation is big, she is getting into some action. Her boyfriend is happy that her pussy is wet already and is starting to fuck her. (SL6)

Pantyhose dressing and sucking cock as reward (10 January 2015)
Diana and her boyfriend decide to try her new pantyhose. Is first time when him is getting her dressed in sexy pantyhose so , like a reward, Diana is sucking his cock for making such a great job with her pantyhose. (SL4)

Pantyhose, licks and rubbing pussy in doggy style (10 January 2015)
Dressed into a sexy dress, Diana is putting some sexy pantyhose on her. Her boyfriend really appreciates her intention and is starting to rub her pussy in doggy style. Her nice tits are also kissed and licked by his hungry mouth! (SL3)

Lovers and pantyhose rubbing (10 January 2015)
Diana is finding her boyfriend reading a book. She succeed making him play with pantyhose. Her boyfriend is pouting some pantyhose on her legs and rubbing her at pussy. Diana is getting so wild and sexy in pantyhose that she is really asking for a hard fuck! (SL2)

Sexy Santa Girl in pantyhose (10 January 2015)
Diana is trying some new sexy Santa Girl costume. And because she already know that Santa favourite girls are wearing pantyhose she is trying some sexy pantyhose on her sexy legs. (SL1)

Big load on black encased ass (10 January 2015)
Antonio Cobra just blow his woman mind, fucking her out and deep like she deserve! He choose to cum on her pantyhose ass and give her a big load. Roxana is so happy that he cum and his cum is all over her round ass.(RA40)

Fucking, blow job and pantyhose (10 January 2015)
After many hours of pleasure and fucking, Roxana is wishing to get her man cum. So she is fucking exciting him with her mouth and ass to get her cum out. (RA39)

Total encasement and blow job! (10 January 2015)
Wearing a totally encasement, Roxana is staying in her knees and getting her favorite cock sucked so he can finish on her face. Antonio Cobra loves to see her getting submissive and sucking his "boss" like a real dirty slut . (RA38)

Hard fucking, pantyhose and a hot slutty blonde! (10 January 2015)
While fucking her in doggy style, Antonio Cobra is taking his gf of her hair and telling her to wear her encasement. So the fucking must continue! (RA37)

Antonio and Roxana , 69 standing! (10 January 2015)
Antonio is kissing her and want so bad to fuck her that's why is taking her ass cheeks into his hands and , by surprise, is changing position into 69! And his gf enjoyed it so much that she suck him so deep.(RA36)

Total encasement and fuck in doggy style (07 January 2015)
Rox just had a shower. Her bf, Antonio Cobra is saying to her to wear the total encasement because this excites him so much. Because she was a good girl, Antonio is fucking her in doggy style, like she is loving it. She really deserve to have her pussy broken and get all finished! (RA35)

Total encasement and squirting (10 January 2015)
Antonio Cobra want to make her woman squirt! And is telling her to wear her special black encasement and relax in bed while he is making all the hard work. Amazing, she is squirting and moaning like a wild pussy! (RA34)

Totally encasedfucking pussy with toy (10 January 2015)
While her man is at the office, Roxana is dressing her encasement and fuck herself with her favorite toy , giving herself a lot of pleasure . And she didn't forget to wear her red high heels!(RA33)

Roxana, totally encased, fucked in doggy style (10 January 2015)
Roxana, wearing total encasement, is getting fucked in doggy style by her horny man Antonio Cobra. And, damn, he love to lick her pussy after she cum all over his cock. And fucking without condom, of course. (RA32)

Antonio fucking encased gf in doggy style! (10 January 2015)
Seeing his woman so good looking totally encased and in red high heels, Antonio Cobra order his pantyhose slut to get into doggy and get deep and hard fucked. And she is fucking loving it!(RA31)

Antonio rubbing while his gf dress in pantyhose! (10 January 2015)
Antonio Cobra is loving to look at his gf getting dressed into pantyhose. The long legs with pantyhose , especially black, make him want to give himself a hard one. You can guess what mood for fucking has after Antonio hi hi (RA29)

Total encasement and many layers on! (10 January 2015)
Home alone, Roxana is trying layer after layer : violet, black, burgundy. Her body is asking also for a totally encasement and at the end this girl is looking so horny and ready to get fucked. A pantyhose slut!(RA28)

Antonio is fucking rough his pantyhose slut! (10 January 2015)
Antonio Cobra is so in love with her pussy and he can lick pussy all day long. Roxana love to be fucked while she is in top and receiving his juicy cock deep inside her. She want it rough and being fucked like a pantyhose slut. (RA27-2)

Fucking in pantyhose and deep 69! (10 January 2015)
The fucking in pantyhose continue, while Roxana is staying into doggy and feeling the cock of her lover Antonio cobra, so deep inside her juicy nympho pussy. After, they get so horny and start a hard 69 . (RA27-1)

Pantyhose fuck (part 2) (10 January 2015)
Pantyhose fuck (part 2) Roxana got her bf Antonio Cobra so hard and he really need to fuck his slutty woman. He is sucked on his "boss" and, in exchange, she receive some hot and wet tongues into her pink bald pussy! (RA26-p2)

Pantyhose fuck (part 1) (10 January 2015)
Pantyhose fuck (part 1) Antonio Cobra is finding his gf dressed in pantyhose and masturbating. He got so hard, that a blow job is a must at this moment! Roxana start to suck his "boss" and imagine what she will receive next :) (RA26-p1)

Masturbation with opened pussy black pantyhose (10 January 2015)
Roxy masturbates with a dildo on a sofa and with some nice silky black pantyhose! Her coach has plenty of pantyhose but the opened pussy pantyhose are her favorite! And , omg, she love's to fuck doggy too (RA25)

Multilayers Fun and exciting legs (10 January 2015)
Sexy Roxy is having fun putting on several layers of sheer pantyhose, and playing with herself. Yellow, black with dots, red, she almost forgot how many layers she got on her legs. You should help her count them!(RA24)

Pantyhose Multilayers (10 January 2015)
Sexy Roxana is playing with herself and loves to put on many pantyhose layers. They feel so soft and silky on her beautiful long legs and rubbing herself is so yummy and exciting! I bet you'll get excited too watching this sexy goddess of pantyhose! (RA23)

Pantyhose encasement can be very fun (S1) (10 January 2015)
After a while Dany asked for the help of his best friend Alex who also join them. Pantyhose encasement can be very fun but nothing compares with two hard cooks only for Laura's.She was very satisfied.

Dany and Simone pantyhose encasement play (D12) (10 January 2015)
Dany and Simone pantyhose encasement play.Watch the movie and see how Dany fucks Simone very hard until she comes over.Very hot screen play between them in the next movie.

Multiple layers (D11) (10 January 2015)
Simone loves to try layer after layer.Pantyhose layers makes her fell good and always starts her on.Watch her hot pantyhose encasement body play in the film.

A little relaxing time. (D9-10) (10 January 2015)
After a hard day work Simone came home and decided to have some time for her. She decided to relax a little and try some new pantyhose layers while she was playing with her body.

Deepthroat blowjob (D8) (09 January 2015)

Dany, Alex and Simone have some great time together.After they started a pantyhose encasement play Simone wondered who has bigger cook and she decided to make a nice deep throat blowjob.See more exciting actions in the movie.

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